Towards Joy

Towards Joy

Here's what Brian wrote when he released this story on Instagram a few days ago: I'm reminded oh so very often that I'm never going to get the whole 'how to live exactly perfectly' download because

  1. any intuition about how to live is only for that exact moment
  2. I'm actually already on to the next moment, so anything I write down is more for the fun of feeling the pen glide across the paper.

That said, we think it's a great reminder to you & the people you love that we are all held & that being held looks differently for each one of us. So, go ahead. Trust that...:-)

with love, brian & fia

This story is available as an 11x14 print on acid-free paper with white/black double matte, protected in a clear poly sleeve. 

Trust your instincts to go towards joy. (also, trust your instincts to stay away from people who tell you your instincts are wrong).