Three Things

Three Things

Around here, we like lists as a starting point. Our favorite lists are simply reminders about what we think is important (because we all know that making a list of stuff to do is an endless black hole.) The way we figure it, if you know what you're really up to with your life, all the other stuff will get done just fine...:-)

Think of it as a reminder that it's your one life & you get to decide every single day how you're going to use it...

with love, brian & fia

This story is available as an 11x14 art print on acid-free paper, unmatted, protected in a clear poly sleeve. 

Three Things To Remember Every Day. #1. This is your real life. #2. Joy is easier to see when you quit complaining. #3. You never know what the third thing is going to be until later, so try to pay attention so you don't miss it.