Impossible to Know

Impossible to Know

someone asked me awhile back what this book is about. that's never an easy question, because it changes from day to day. but that day I said it was about how impossible it is to know anything for sure & once you relax into that & go back to simply being excited by what shows up, how wild your life becomes.

that said, it's a whole new collection of drawings & stories from the last year. like my own life, this book feel like a whole new thing. it's all hand-drawn, because I'm finding that's the way I like to be in the world now. touching the world around me, like the texture of the brick buildings in the town I live, or the sunlight on my face in the morning as I walk our dog, watching the people I love simply for the joy of it.

& then there's the laughter. the less I know, the more I laugh & that spills out everywhere from the pages of this book. it's a book I'm very happy to have in the world...

with love, brian

Specs: 6 x 9, color & black & white drawings & hand drawn text, 80 pages, hardbound.