Favorite Gift

Favorite Gift

We get so many gifts from our mothers throughout our lives that it makes it difficult to choose when it comes time to thank them (like on Mother's Day :-)).  There are the ones that immediately come to mind, like life itself. There are also the ones that you don't always appreciate until you've been living for awhile. Like when you finally start to see that staying light in the face of a world that often tends to dark takes effort & that laughter well timed is a powerful tool for living. 

Consider this a perfect thank you to your mom who had the willingness to laugh & pass that gift on to you...

with love, brian & fia

This story is available as an 11x14 print on acid-free paper with white/black double matte, protected in a clear poly sleeve. 

My favorite gift I ever got from my mom was laughter in the face of a serious world & if I ever had to do it all over again, I'd definitely ask her for the same thing.