Commission an Original Story

Commission an Original Story

From Brian: Sometimes the only thing that will do is to have an original story.  After collecting a bit of background from you (see more in the notes at the bottom of the page) I'll let the writing start to percolate up. Often, this can be a rapid process, but sometimes, to be fair, it can take several months. (I'd love to give you an exact schedule here, but it really does simply take the time it takes.) During the process, I've had anywhere from one to ten stories come along. (Which is not to say I guarantee that many. It's a mysterious process & the stories that show up are the ones that show up. Sometimes one. Sometimes ten.) Usually, the story that ultimately speaks to you captures the essence of what you hope to communicate: about yourself, or the other, or the relationship & what it has meant in the heart of you. Honoring yourself, or another, with a custom story is a gift that goes far beyond the words themselves...

A custom story comes in several forms: a 10x10 pen & ink drawing & text, a 10x10 handwritten text with color touches (a 'colortype' original), or a 10x10 watercolor with handwritten text (this is what people often call my classic style, with a brilliantly painted figure with surrounding text). There is also the option of an original pen & gouache 16x20 watercolor. You'll see a sample of them when you look at the variations.

Shipping is included.

a bit about the process:

all right. this takes a bit of work from your side, too. I'll need you to tell me a bit about the person, or persons, the story's about. not the details like Oh they're five foot two & drive a Prius. but stories about them that say who they are to you. because a story is all about the whole context, not just them & not just you, but who you are to each other. (to tell you the truth, you giving me your stories actually allows me sort of a psychic pass into both of your worlds & it lets me to float around in there picking up my own impressions..)

then you have to decide what you'd like for a form. currently, the ones I do most often are 10x10 vellums, either handwritten with a drawing, or handwritten with some of the letters filled in with high intensity watercolor gouache. I also do original pen & ink watercolors in either a 10x10, or a 16x24 cold-pressed watercolor paper. if you'd like more info on that, feel free to drop me a line at

the story commission pricing is up above, when you're ready. I understand that it's not inexpensive, but having a story done for you is something that's hard to describe. knowing that it's your story somehow has you carry yourself differently in the world. (yes, it's almost like magic...). people I've had the honor of working with have all said that it affirms your presence in the world, that it says in no uncertain terms that you belong here at this perfect moment in time.

so, there's the basic overview. Let me know if any of it interests you & we can start the process. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts...

Until next, with love, b