Big Life Print

Big Life Print

Around here, Fia & I often talk about how our idea of things is not the thing itself. This is especially true around the idea of living. Because once you open up to the act of living (& not the idea of it you see in magazines, or on tv, or in your head), you start to recognize that you have a choice of direction in every single moment. Every single moment, we know if we stop to listen...

It seems so simple. Yet, somehow, there's always one distraction or another that seems to get in the way of listening to the heart of you. This particular story is a reminder of perhaps the greatest single distraction to listening that we've both found: your own fear of dying.

All we can say is you truly have no idea how big you actually are until you let this one go. Consider this a gentle reminder...

with love, brian & fia

This story is available as an 11x14 print on acid-free paper with white/black double mat, protected in a clear poly sleeve. 

It's funny how you can't even begin to know how big your life will be until you stop being afraid of dying.