Better Things (Women's March 2017) Print

Better Things (Women's March 2017) Print

This is a story Brian put up on Instagram for the Women's March on Washington. We think it cuts right to the heart of things. Lots of you liked it & asked if he could do a print of it. So he did...

As far as we're concerned, it's time to see how none of us are alone. It's time to see how many people stand together for a world that works for everyone. There is nothing quite like being with people of all shapes & sizes & colors & ages, reminding each other this is our world  & we get to imagine it all over again every day. Not some distant time in the future, but right here, right now.  

(& thanks to Amanda (@pandas_in_palmtrees on Instagram) for jumping right in & saying We want this...)

with love, brian & fia

This print is 10x10 printed with archival inks on archival matte paper. Each copy is handsigned in pencil like so: Women's March 2017 &  then Brian's signature.