august original pen & ink #032: right path

august original pen & ink #032: right path

This was Brian's version of New Year's resolutions, written January 1, 2017. When he released it on Instagram, he called it 'the first steps into a new year.' 

The story & drawing are pen & ink on archival card stock.

Signed & dated 2017 in pencil on the left side. 

It's not currently in book form, though the print version of it is currently scheduled to be released in time for New Year's 2018. 

3 things to know about Your Right Path: #1. If you're on the right path, you know it. Bone deep. #2. On days you can't tell if you're on the right path, you are, but you can't see it because you're thinking it should look like a different path #3. If you think you're on the wrong path, you're not. Because there is no wrong path. There are only paths that go places you weren't expecting. Bonus thing: Every possible path you can walk is one step at a time. If it feels wrong, take a different step & then another one until it feels right. This is not an exact science.