Workshop FAQ's

I love StoryPeople. Are the workshops like that?

Well… Brian is the creator & artist behind StoryPeople… so that same energy & joy you’ve come to love in his writing is present in the room. What’s different about these workshops, is that when his energy meets Fia’s it creates a whole new space. In the words of a recent workshop participant, “The focus is on your stories and your natural voice which comes out of tapping the wisdom of your body, of being fully present to what bubbles up…” We encourage you to take a look around the site, get a feel for what we have to say, who we are, and what we’re up to. And if you still have questions, just ask. We’re happy to have a conversation. 

Do you teach corporate workshops?

We’re so glad you asked! The answer is yes. Any of the Practicing Presence workshops can be adapted for corporate clients. We will work with you to figure out the best format and time frame so it fits your needs as a company. What's your refund policy for the workshops?

What's your refund policy for the workshops?

We understand life events happen unexpectedly sometimes… Here’s how we balance your change of commitment with our responsibility to vendors that require upfront costs for each workshop. If for any reason you are suddenly unable to attend the workshop, here’s how we work that out with you: Up to 10 days prior to the workshop date: You will be refunded the cost of the workshop fee, less the stated non-refundable deposit.  Less than 10 days prior to the workshop date, up until the date of the event:   If we are able to fill your spot (either from a waiting list or through someone you find to replace you), we will refund you the amount (less the non-refundable deposit). If we are unable to fill your spot, there is no refund. However, the entire amount you paid can be used by yourself or gifted to another person for another workshop within a year’s time.

What's the difference between coaching & workshops?

Our workshops tend to be taught by both of us, and the coaching is done by Fia.

Workshops are mostly group oriented, though you do receive personal feedback. Coaching is one-on-one, all about you. In the workshops, we suggest the topic/question, framework, & route. In coaching, you choose what you wish to work towards & everything we do is about figuring out the best way for you to lessen that gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

what different about your workshops?

An East-West approach where physiological space is set in balance with physical & architectural space. Bringing the body’s intelligence up to that of the mind, exploring how kinesthetic awareness (rather than psychological decision) of shared spaces can inform language & action.

We believe living is a daily choosing, which is why our workshops aren’t just one-three day explorations. We begin a practice with you a few weeks prior to our actual time together – which means by the time we get to the workshop, we’re ready to dig in to the real reasons you signed up in the first place. We then extend our time with you a few weeks after, in case new questions arise, as you take what you experienced in the workshop, into your daily life… 

a note from fia...

what I love about a creative life

It takes tenacity of spirit; keen observation; stamina; concentration; an ability to make instinctual moment-to-moment decisions; and a balanced sense of purpose that encourages health and a practice of wellness.

It requires motivated passion to speak with conviction; courage & imagination to soar beyond the familiar, the known, the current definition; empathic insight into human behavior; an expansive worldview; a visceral relationship with language; & a voracious curiosity.