The Practice of Presence

Consider that you are in a relationship with every thing, every person, every sentient being, every place… Each choice you make affects your body, voice & spirit – which then sends out ripple effects that extend beyond you into these relationships. Each choice you make helps create the world we share together. 

We believe living is a daily choosing, which is why our workshops aren’t just one-three day explorations. We begin a practice with you a few weeks prior to our actual time together – which means by the time we get to the workshop, we’re ready to dig in to the real reasons you signed up in the first place. We then extend our time with you a few weeks after, in case new questions arise, as you take what you experienced in the workshop, into your daily life… 

Align. Partner. Create.

This is the process for our workshops, the cornerstones of our company & a shorthand for the way we live.

Alignment is clarity, joy, no inner contradictions. It’s efficient, authentic, and in line with how something is built to function. When you’re aligned personally, there is flow in all areas of your life. 

Partnering happens not just with others, but also with our bodies, our jobs, our communities & physical spaces. It requires alignment, because without it, there is obligation, miscommunication, and hierarchy. With it, profound connections can be made. Change can happen.

Creating adds energy into the world. If you’re aligned & you’re partnering, you’re creating from a place of wellness & abundance. This matters, because ripple effects to any action extend beyond you to create spaces that ultimately make culture & the world we share.