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What we mean by alignment and why it matters...

What we mean by alignment and why it matters...

I've been fielding some impossible questions from former students - the next generation - ready to step into action, reaching for grace, but unclear how to reconcile what was revealed about our country, our communities, even family members, people we thought we knew...

After some meditation, creating space around my own emotions & questions... this is what I have to offer into the conversation.

Individually & collectively, we are out of alignment.

What do I mean by alignment?

Well... there's physically aligned... If you assume that our natural state is wellness, then any felling other than this, gives you information that something is out of balance somewhere.

And then there's energetically, spiritually, mentally (whichever word you prefer) aligned... which means there are no inner contradictions. Just clarity, joy, and a sense of perspective, context. You're in agreement with the whole of who you are. Accountable for your behavior & opinions, and knowing they are but one in a sea of many...

So, you can see that when you're out of alignment, things get clunky. When you're out of balance, accommodations get made that are counter to a healthy structure. And that (literally) changes what you see and hear. And this leaves room for anger and fear.

Without alignment, you can't partner from a place of equality. And without a wilingness to partner with equality (not pretend "agree to disagree" -but-you're-really-wrong sort of "equality" - but actual Namaste the-god-in-me-honors-the-god-in-you equality...) - inclusive spaces cannot be created.

But here's the thing about alignment... you can see it. You can feel it.

Which is where we're at. We see it... we hear it... we experience it... All of us, not just the folks who have been seeing and hearing and experiencing it for years and generations...

We are in a place we've never been before. Which means, we have an opportunity to have conversations we've never had before.

It's unraveled. And we get to put it back together.

Each day. With each choice we individually make, we'll create a collective culture. What we put out into the world... gets put out into the world. (Hint... anger and fear don't magically turn into light and joy...)

Each of us looks sees this very same world from entirely different vantage points. Each of us voted from a particular set of information and life-cares - so each of us sees different problems with different solutions.

One thing that may work, no matter where you're looking from, is to make space. In your bodies, for breath. In your families & in your communities & in this very-large world we share - for differences.

Let's create a third space... one that can only exist with all of our voices working alongside one another. Stepping into the unknown.

And before you speak or act. Get aligned (hint, the feeling will be a sense of wellness). Because, you being aligned encourages the possibility for someone else to get into alignment.

with courage & curiosity,


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