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Thoughts from Fia on the 5% donation

Thoughts from Fia on the 5% donation

Full transparency.

We’ve been looking at last year’s numbers – because it’s the time of year for that sort of thing – and decided that instead of enticing folks to follow us with a 20% off one time coupon for new customers, we are going to make a donation from sales.

Let me explain…

We all know giving requires some choosing. How to give back, how much, when and to whom…

Right now there are countless organizations and efforts in need, great numbers of people extending voice out into the community and the world. And, there is also expansive willingness to be in service and to walk alongside one another…

It’s a gorgeous place of possibility.

Last year, our first year in business, we tried collaborations with various local and national groups that reached out to us – partnering one of Brian’s stories with the purpose of fundraising… every single effort was less than mediocre. Great people & reasons to give, but it just didn’t have the effect we were hoping for.


Well… when Brian & I look at our own patterns of giving and purchasing choices, admittedly, it’s directly connected to our life experiences & values & financial reality.

Admittedly, for me, a company’s profile and mission, matters most. Free shipping and coupons… perk me up and often I think… wait, do I need anything… (even when I don’t). And when there is a free gift involved, well that’s just a fun bonus.

We want to be able to do more things like the free download of his e-book and the free printable downloads for the Women’s March… as well as free surprises like the recent “Magical Life” story in a 5x7… and we know you all love coupons!!

But as a two-person company, we can’t do it all. At least, not right now.

So. We’re going to try something new. For our first quarter this year, (which means, until April 15th) we’re going to take 5% of our profits and split it between two organizations, the ACLU and Astraea Foundation.

Why these two? Well, we talked about it… I mean, really talked about it… animal rights and shelters, women’s groups, environmental and global organizations, trees, education, safe water, hunger… local, national, global…

We thought – we are entirely online (except for our workshops). Our customers and followers are from all over. Different cultures, lifestyles, genders and life preferences… So how do we choose?

And so this is what we came up with.

We chose the ACLU because it’s rights for all. Everyone. Everywhere. Equality.

We chose Astraea Foundation for two reasons. When we heard J. Bob Alotta’s speech during the Women’s March on Washington, we both had tears streaming from our eyes. The LGBTQ community has long supported Brian’s work through the years, and during my time in theatre, I’ve witnessed too many students and friends ostracized and devastated by intolerance.

Our thinking is that when people feel supported and loved and seen and valued… they will live from a space of abundance rather than scarcity. That we will then take only what we need, and offer the rest to others. That we will act with kindness to animals, and gratitude for the planet.

But first, there has to be space. For everyone.

Brian’s stories have always been for anyone who found resonance in them. They don’t belong to any religion, race, culture or gender. They are beautifully universal and entirely human. And my work is about creating spaces. Spaces that encourage you to speak with your whole voice & body, without inner contradictions. And, spaces where you can partner with circumstances that grow you beyond what you’ve ever been before. 

We’re going to try this. We know some of you may disagree with our choices. We understand you may prefer coupons, so you can choose for yourself where any savings goes… But maybe there are others that are ok with seeing how this goes.

Like we said. We’re trying this until April 15th. We trust you’ll let us know your thoughts.

with love, Fia

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