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Someone else's words, a catalyst for action

Someone else's words, a catalyst for action

History rarely moves in a single direction… We forget that we are history… We are not used to associating our private lives with public events. Yet the histories of families cannot be separated from he histories of nations… I do not see my life as separate from history… Nor is my life divided from the lives of others…

Stones record history. The hard surface of the stone is impervious to nothing in the end. The heat of the sun leaves evidence of daylight. Each drop of rain changes the form; even the wind and the air itself, invisible to our eyes, etches its presence…

Susan Griffin, A Chorus of Stones

Someone else’s words… a catalyst to action in my own life.

How is it the words of a complete stranger can connect me more deeply to my own thoughts, trigger a decision that sets me in motion?

Words are like stars in the night sky. The right ones at the right time can reorient you. Create a map. Help re-locate your self in space. Another’s words can create a point outside of ourselves that we can breathe towards. Lean into. Until we remember our own language.

Here at A Hundred Ways North, we've devised a special offering of workshops because we know that in our digital lives, sharing real time and space with others who have the same questions creates a unique and vibrating space of possibility that alone, we may not otherwise discover.

So whether it’s in reading one another’s words, or breathing alongside one another in these workshops or someone else's, we invite you to get into motion towards the life you want to be living…

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