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Morning Rituals... an investment in culture

Morning Rituals... an investment in culture

What if every gesture we make,

each silence

every word we speak,

and thought we feed,

creates culture.

And collectively, alongside one another, these gestures & silences, words & thoughts create the culture of our relationships, our towns & cities, our country, as it sits in relation to the world…

I can name at least 27 small choices I made this morning, just before walking Yoshi…  and then another 35 when we returned, bringing me to this moment & time of writing, here with my cup of coffee.

... morning rituals I keep or change as I attend to what my body tells me it needs, in relation to the needs & wants of the sentient beings with whom I share my living space... what is first then second, what has become the natural order of things, choices I made yesterday and a month out, based on what was learned from a bevy of choices years back... which dog food I have chosen to purchase & remembering to mix in pumpkin puree, some choices for the joy of now, others more an investment for the day or longer... sun salutations, this lead & collar over that one... all of it counts.

In these seemingly simple rituals & meanderings, I see how already my day is slightly towards and away… from my own joy, from the life I want to live. Decisions made in context to all the information continually streaming in through my 5 senses… a combination of what I have control over & what comes into my space of living without conscious asking or permission. Each response adding to or turning the path... ripple effects beyond my own life & into the lives of others.

It is always a shared space of living… each choice an investment into my own life. Remembering this slows me down so I can choose more deliberately & with care. Partnering with each moment.

always in wonderment...


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