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In celebration of leaping...

Like we said, after a whirlwind road trip in March doing workshops & checking out places to live, we happened to stop in Ashland, Oregon. Quite unexpectedly, we fell in love...

So, we decided to leap. (Of course!) Because leaping is one of those things that we’re built to do. Remember those times when you really, truly let the wind blow through your hair & then just leapt? Because I can tell you for both of us, no, we remember every one & we’ve never regretted the leaping. If anything, the only regret is not leaping sooner...

& we'd love to have you celebrate our leap with us! With bunches of original drawings at a quite leapish price! 

Here’s the thing. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of commissions & original drawings. The problem is that the commissions & drawings are expensive. While I think they’re totally worth it (HA. What did you expect me to say?), I get that it takes a little bit more to leap…

But, to celebrate our leap towards Oregon, we wanted to make it easy for you to leap, too (especially if you’ve been wanting your own original for awhile.)

Here’s the best part: not at the usual Instagram original price of $300. Not even at half that price since I’m doing each one as a 6x9 drawing. Since we’re celebrating leaping, we both think that’s still too much. (Leaping needs to be leapful in all directions at once…)

For the month of April, every few days we’re going to put new drawings up on brianandreas.com. We’re going to make 10 of each story available. Each one hand drawn & numbered. So, yeah, still an original drawing, but with only 10 of them ever. The best part? Each one is only $50. Which is a savings of…hmm…let’s see…well, a LOT. You do the math. We’re leaping around because we’re moving to Oregon!

So, there you have it. An original drawing for $50. Check in all month long by clicking here. Or go on the site & search ‘leapyear’ & it’ll show you everything that’s available.

Go ahead. Take the leap. (Come on. You know you want to…;-)) 

With love, brian & fia

P.S. All month long, new stories showing up. You’ll have a chance to find your favorite story & have an original drawing of it. My favorite part is that I’m doing the drawings on a great multimedia paper that I tear out of a notebook, so there’s really no question that it’s an original & not a copy. Besides the number & signature in pencil. HA. Click here to see the drawings that are available so far…

OK, that’s it. Time to leap into packing…:-)


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Apr 06, 2017

Brian and Fia,
Congratulations on the leaping!
As a born and raised Oregonian…..Welcome, you will love it here.

Julie Garren

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